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What was life like for teens before attending Alateen

How Alateen Helps

In this video, you will hear from anonymous teens who talk about the fighting and negativity they experienced in dealing with an alcoholic in their family.

What do teens say about Alateen

How Alateen Helps

This video features anonymous teens talking about the Alateen program and how it has helped them to better understand how someone else's alcoholism has affected their lives. In Alateen, teenagers have the chance to talk about what is bothering them, with others their age who are going through similar situations. The result is less stress, anger, and fear in Alateens' lives.

"Together we can make it"

How Alateen Helps

This video was designed for teens affected by someone else's drinking. You will hear from anonymous members of Alateen who will explain in their own words what life was like before they found Alateen, how Alateen has helped them and what life is like for them today. You will also hear from professionals, why they recommend Alateen and how Alateen can help.

In Alateen

They Don't Judge You Here

In this short video, an Alateen member talks about why she enjoys going to meetings and how it has helped in dealing with alcoholism in her family.


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