What is the Intergroup


"An Al-Anon Information Service (AIS), also known as an Intergroup, is a local service established and maintained by one or more districts or by groups located close enough to one another for easy access and communication."*

Each of the 400+ Al-Anon groups in the Greater Los Angeles area may elect one member to serve a one year term as the group's representative to the Los Angeles Intergroup. Each representative is called an Information Service Representative (ISR).  The requirements to  be an ISR are that their group must be currently registered and they are not  a "double winner".

The Los Angeles Intergroup is the voting body of the Nonprofit Organization (NPO) whose legal name is Al-Anon Family Groups Office of Southern California, Inc. Think of our NPO as a corporation, whose stakeholders are the groups. Our NPO is responsive to the needs and desires of its stakeholders through the voting body of ISRs.

The objectives of our NPO are outlined in our By-Laws.  A copy of our By-Laws is provided to each ISR at their first Intergroup meeting, and is available to anyone for download.  

In accordance with the objectives in our By-Laws we maintain a storefront/office and Literature Distribution Center (LDC) with paid employees and non-paid volunteers who support our member groups. The office is completely supported by group contributions and by profits from the sale of Conference Approved Literature (CAL). The office also:

  • Maintains a telephone system so that anyone who is affected by someone’s drinking can call to receive information about Al-Anon and Alateen meetings in the area. The office can also refer the caller to a members of a group near them who volunteered to receive calls for help (12th step calls).

  • Maintains this website.

  • Emails monthly copies of our newsletter, The Al-Anoncer, to all subscribers.  The emails are sent in such a way that the recipient's anonymity is protected. It also emails information to ISRs and Alternate ISRs that may be of interest to their groups via the same protective mechanism.

  • Maintains a speakers list of members who have volunteered to speak at group meetings. The speakers list is available to registered group secretaries on request.

  • Maintains a database of registered meetings in our service area and provides that information via a printed Meeting Directory, a link on this website, and via telephone to anyone requesting meeting locations.

  • Maintains an inventory of Conference Approved Literature for purchase by anyone. Price lists for CAL are available online for English and Spanish language editions

  • Maintains a Calendar of Local Al-Anon and Alateen Events such as workshops, conferences, Alathons, and speaker meetings, which is published in the Al-Anoncer and on this website.

  • Facilitates the distribution of information regarding local policy, publicity, and interest.

* Reprinted by permission from the 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual page 66. ©Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Copyright 1992 

Meeting Information

The Los Angeles Intergroup meets the 3rd Friday of odd  numbered months.  For specific meeting dates, click here.

Intergroup  Meetings are open to any member of Al-Anon wishing to attend.  However only ISRs and Alternate ISRs may introduce or second motions or vote.

Meetings are held at:

Glendale First Methodist United Church

134 N. Kenwood St.,

Glendale, California 91206

Meeting Time 8PM - 9:30PM

*New Intergroup Reps meet at 7:30 PM

Service Board

The Service Board is the governing entity of The Al-Anon Family Groups of  Southern California, Inc. (Los Angeles Intergroup). 

The  Service Board is similar to the Board of Directors of a commercial company.  It oversees the day to day operations of the AISLA office.  It reports on the status of its responsibilities at each regular meeting of the Intergroup.   

Members of the board, including its Chairperson are chosen by the Intergroup in elections held each November.   Board members, except the Chairperson serve 2 year terms.  The Chairperson may server only a single one year term.   At the conclusion of the Chair's term  he or she becomes the Ex-Officio who has a voice but no vote at Service Board meetings.  

To be on the board, members must have one year of service as an ISR.  To become a Chairperson requires one year of service as a board member.  

Meeting Information

The Service Board meets on the 4th Saturday of even number months, except in December when the board selects a specific date.  For meeting dates click here.

All Service Board  Meetings are open to any member of Al-Anon wishing to attend, however seating is limited. 

Meetings are held at the AISLA office:

4936 Lankershim Boulevard

North Hollywood, CA 91601